Best Tweets for Trauma and PTSD Survivors is a weekly Friday feature. My selections are entirely subjective, and I know it will never be possible to include every great resource tweeted. But I can try! I’ve personally read all tweeted links, and believe them to be of great value.

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for content found on any other website. Stay safe, and don’t follow links if you believe you might be triggered by them. Also, I will not be re-checking links from older Best Tweets posts, and if the site’s archived URL is different from the one I’ve provided here, you may need to do a search on their site.

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BT040811 Window to Wonder

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@soulseedz “When you look at life with gratitude,
a room with a view becomes a window to wonder.”


Six Standalone Tweets to Ponder

@tinybuddha “It isn’t what happens to us that causes us to suffer; it’s what we say to ourselves about what happens.” ~ Pema Chodron

@karenkmmonroy “Some people are just plain ol’ mean, critical and dis-spiriting. Your job is to not attract them by being mean, critical and dis-spiriting.”

@FeelBetter2day “Live out of your imagination, not your history” ~ Stephen Covey

@OurMentalHealth “Find something this spring that you want to grow and nurture it to fruition.” ~ Cyleste

@Tamavista “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” ~ Omar Khayyam

@thereseborchard “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eyes.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Linked Tweets


Sexual Assault Awareness Month
(with thanks to Dr. Kathleen Young)


@DrKathleenYoung What Can You Do About Sexual Violence?
[SEO: “April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This year’s theme is “It’s time … to get involved.” The message is that preventing sexual assault needs to be our collective responsibility. This month’s focus will be about combating the bystander effect.” Which means everyone has a stake in this, not just victims of sexual assault.]

@DrKathleenYoung 12 Ways You Can Make a Difference
[SEO: “I want to share this resource from the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault Inc. ( because it speaks to this year’s theme of promoting community (and individual) involvement.”]


Self Care for You and for Those Who Care About You


@akvet This article describes secondary trauma among therapists treating PTSD. Family members experience similar responses.
[SEO: The concept of “compassion fatigue” has been widely discussed in the last 20 years. It is defined in this article as: “…state of exhaustion and dysfunction (biologically, psychologically and socially) as a result of prolonged exposure to compassion stress” (Figley, 1995). We become exhausted by the exposure to experience after experience of emotionally draining clients who look to us for help.” As noted by @akvet’s tweet, compassion fatigue can also apply to a trauma survivor’s closest support people, whether family or friends. It’s vital that people in those primary support roles give more than mere lip service to practicing self-care. While this article specifically pertains to clinicians, see the next post below for information for friends and families.]

@akvet For loved ones and family members of someone with combat induced PTSD this is an excellent summary
[SEO: Or for loved ones and family members of any type of PTSD. You can also find a great list of resources aimed at family (and friend) caretakers offered by the National Family Caregivers Association.]

@psychcentral Self-care and Survival: Getting Through the Tough Times
[SEO: “So what gets you through? And how can you connect with it in those moments when you might feel overwhelmed with challenge or sorrow? … [What might it be like] maybe to just take a moment when the tough times are next upon you, and to listen for what’s missing? Or what’s needed? Or what could soothe or strengthen or support? What might it be like to become that ‘someone’ that cares for you?”]

The Rest of the Best


@zebraspolkadots Not all mental health providers abuse their position — but the ones that do… do so much damage. Healing from the 2nd trauma.
[SEO: An important guest post by Susan Kingsley-Smith (@zebraspolkadots) on Emerging From Broken discusses why abuse survivors may be susceptible to further abuse by incompetent and/or dysfunctional mental health clinicians. “The mental health ‘professionals’ had successfully stripped me of any hope when they informed me that my brain was broken. They had laid the groundwork for my lifetime dependence on them; telling me that they, and only they, knew the answers and in order for me to ‘get better’ I needed to submit myself to their care.”

Certainly, not all clinicians operate in this manner; there are competent, caring, and humble clinicians who create a true partnership with their clients, who maintain healthy boundaries, and are skilled at not fostering unhealthy dependence upon them. Susan eventually found one of these gems. But you need to know that not all clinicians match those standards. Be informed, and be your own best advocate. The discussion continues in the many comments.]

@psychcentral 5 destructive mind habits that may be destroying your life
[SEO: “Mind traps are those habitual thinking styles we get caught in that inevitably trap us into a cascading snowball of reactivity that leads us to greater distress.” Discussion about catastrophizing; exaggerating the negative and discounting the positive; mind reading; being the eternal expert; the “shoulds”; and blaming. Uses the analogy of falling into a hole, and how you might then react according to each category.]

@tinybuddha 5 Easy Ways to Get into Yoga This Spring (via @AlwaysWellWithn)
[SEO: If you’re contemplating getting started with yoga, this post provides helpful ways to ease yourself into it. “Now more than ever, yoga seems the perfect escape from our increasingly complex, technology-driven, distracted modern lives. Finding peace and contentment in the present moment is one of the most challenging things to do, and yoga provides the tools we need to find that much-desired stillness.”]

@goodthingz 7 Steps to Inner Simplicity
[SEO: “Just think of it, a well-organized and minimalistic home won’t bring you any satisfaction if you are troubled with negative or unhappy thoughts. A perfect schedule which has enough room for all your activities will be useless if you are reliving over and over old painful memories. External ways of simplifying life have no meaning at all if you cannot find your balance and inner simplicity.” (The pop up when you first arrive is annoying, and more than a bit ironic. Just sayin’. But the post gives much to contemplate.)]

@psychcentral Is it better focus on the past, present or future in therapy? A few things to consider
[SEO: A discussion of different therapeutic philosophies related to time, and how each provides opportunities to move forward with healing. “Some people tend to focus on the past, where others are obsessed with planning for the future, but finding a balance and being more conscious of our time orientation can serve a major role in mental health and happiness. There are certain times when focusing on past, present, or future will be most nourishing.”]


It’s Friday! In a week of endless tax preps and equally endless (0-6) Red Sox losses, a person needs some levity. Really. This week’s selection of my favorite tweet stuff includes the odd, the tiny and cute, the colorful, the gorgeous, and the just plain weird. Enjoy!

@big_picture Flower power
[SEO: Beautiful, often unexpected and poignant, photos of flowers from around the world as spring boldly announces its arrival.]

@Tamavista “Nothing is often a good thing to do and always a good thing to say.” ~ Will Durant

@SarahEOlson2009 These tiny eaglets wish Dad was more efficient at doling out the grub
[SEO: This pertains to the Internet sensations, the Decorah Eagles, a pair of bald eagles and their very recently hatched three young’uns, being viewed 24 hours a day (by at least 160,000 people during the third eaglet’s hatching) on UStream. Yes, I am hooked. :)]

@goodthingz Urban Knitting — the world’s most inoffensive graffiti
[SEO: This is weird and cool, and something I’ve never encountered before! 🙂 Site offers many pics of urban knitting graffiti examples posted below the video (which is no longer available on YouTube).]

@Tamavista “Our most difficult task as a friend is to offer understanding when we don’t understand.” ~ R. Brault

@Morgaine620 hmmm lecker! The Edible Scenery (via Illusion 360)
[SEO: Takes playing with your food to a whole new level! Very creative.]

@AffirmYourLife “Failure is the path of least persistence.” ~ George M. Van Valkenburg, Jr

@pourmecoffee The showjumping cow that thinks it’s a horse
[SEO: There’s video and pics to prove it!]

@religiouscritic “If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.” ~ Albert Einstein

@goodthingz Fun Alarm Clocks
[SEO: Especially of interest to Star Wars fanatics, drag racing fans, and people who need that little extra something to wake up each day….]

@askandimagine “What I like in a good author is not what he says, but what he whispers.” ~ Smith


Best Tweets for Trauma and PTSD Survivors is a weekly Friday feature. My selections are entirely subjective, and I know it will never be possible to include every great resource tweeted. But I can try! I’ve personally read all tweeted links, and believe them to be of great value.

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for content found on any other website. Stay safe, and don’t follow links if you believe you might be triggered by them. Also, I will not be re-checking links from older Best Tweets posts, and if the site’s archived URL is different from the one I’ve provided here, you may need to do a search on their site.

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Best Tweets 04/01/11 Silence

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@LillyAnn “Today I’m noticing the quality of my silence,
which apart from anything else,
so determines the quality of my noise.”


Six Standalone Tweets to Ponder

@rcinstitute “ThoughtfulThursday: how much do you doubt your own reality, and how much do you let others impose their reality on you?”

@Tamavista “You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” ~ A. A. Milne

@lizstrauss “The more I stop being what I’m not, the more I accomplish and the more I find really incredible people around me.”

@karenkmmonroy “Change will feel out of your comfort zone, that’s why you need faith that you are more than the sum of your parts.”

@jodiblackley “Forgiving yourself can be more difficult than forgiving another… and many times, more powerful.”

@soulseedz “No one is as capable of gratitude as one who has emerged from the kingdom of night.” ~ Elie Weisel


Linked Tweets


April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month


@SarahEOlson April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month
[SEO: This is the US government’s central resource for all it sponsors with regard to “April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month”. You will find tip sheets; the 2011 Resource Guide, which you can use to educate others and effect change in your own neighborhood; and a suggested daily calendar with activities and resources by which you can reach those goals. Be sure to view the index in the left sidebar which takes you to a wealth of material regarding child abuse awareness, prevention, and how to respond if you see it, or a child looks to you for help.]

@helpspreadthis Child Abuse and Neglect: Recognizing and Preventing Child Abuse
[SEO: “The earlier abused children get help, the greater chance they have to heal from their abuse and not perpetuate the cycle. Learn the signs and symptoms of child abuse and help break the cycle, finding out where to get help for the children and their caregivers.”]

@Hopefortrauma The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse — March 2011 Edition is up!!
[SEO: Always packed with informative posts under the theme “Springtime”, as well as usual categories: Advocacy and Awareness; In the News; Healing and Therapy; Survivor Stories; and Poetry.]

@rcinstitute ThoughtfulThursday ~ Suicide: When the “inner critic” becomes a killer
[SEO: An extremely important topic for many trauma survivors. This article describes the path many abused and neglected children take to grow up with self-loathing — and an “inner critic” which drives them to self-destructive beliefs and behaviors. “The child who internalizes critical messages grows into an adult with a profound lack of entitlement to happiness or success, and a sense of despair over ever being able to be happy or fulfilled in life. The negative inner voice never lets up, continually blaming and shaming the person, filling them with self-doubt, worthlessness and ultimately, self-loathing.”

Don’t do this to your own children, and don’t stand by and watch it happen to other children with whom you are in regular contact. “It’s not just abuse which damages a child’s fragile, developing psyche; an attitude of disinterest is devastating to their developing sense of self-worth.”]


The Rest of the Best


@psychcentral An interesting look at dance/movement therapy
[SEO: A detailed account of what dance/movement therapy is comprised of, some of its history, and techniques used. Describes the difference between being in control and being in charge, and why only the latter is empowering. While the focus is on eating disorders, many types of trauma survivors have issues with their bodies and expression of feelings. (Note: The entire article is on Page 1. Pages 2 and 3 appear to be a formatting error.)]

@goodthingz How to Transform Emotions Through Meditation
[SEO: A good introduction into what is meditation, and how you can use it, step by step, to transform your emotions. “As you develop a basic meditative practice you can begin working toward more specific outcomes, such as more positive emotions. By meditating on different emotions you can become aware of what leads to and triggers these emotions in you, and recognize how different emotions can counter and offset each other.” (Note: I do not practice meditation — (and probably should) — so I have no way to judge whether the article’s premise is reasonably attainable. I’d love to learn what you who do meditate think about this in the comments.]

@SarahEOlson2009 Are You Practicing Perfection? Or Are You A Work In Progress?
[SEO: “There’s something that’s always struck me as a little strange about perfectionism. It assumes completion – that a thing can be finished. Whole. Over. Done. So in a world where it seems that ‘the only constant is change’, perfectionism demands a static ending.”]

@psychcentral If you’re not quite sure when to say goodbye to your antidepressants, read this
[SEO: If you, or your loved one, are currently on an antidepressant and thinking about stopping, you owe it to yourself, and that person, to read this important post. It is packed with the considerations one should ponder prior to stopping these drugs. First and foremost: never stop taking an antidepressant abruptly. Many of them need you to taper off slowly, or you may subject yourself to a wide range of symptoms. Read this.]

@rcinstitute ThoughtfulThursday: What is empowerment, really?
[SEO: Article describes what empowerment is, and what it isn’t, in various contexts. Here is just one nugget from this post. “True empowerment is a state of self-trust and self-respect. It means that you’re your own best friend at work and in relationships. You take responsibility for your choices and accept the consequences of your actions; you learn from your mistakes, so as not to repeat them.”]

@tinybuddha 4 Steps to Deal with Disappointment (via @AlwaysWellWithn)
[SEO: “For me, disappointment is one of life’s most uncomfortable feelings. It’s complex, containing a subset of other emotions like anger, hurt, sadness, and probably many others too subtle to identify. Sometimes, those emotions by themselves are easier to deal with, but disappointment can leave me at a loose end.”]


Yay, it’s Friday! 🙂 So many good things passed through my Tweet stream I had to choose carefully — and none of them involve an April Fools’ joke. (Really.) There’s amazing, funny, weird, and gorgeous, though! Enjoy!

@pourmecoffee “Honey, please don’t be mad but I bought something online.”

@wisdomalacarte “At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.” ~ Jean Houston

@SarahEOlsono2009 “One Man Disney Movie” Nick Pitera: Disney Medley Music Video (YouTube)
[SEO: This is fabulous, funny, and well worth the time to watch it completely!]


@Quotes4Writers “I shall live badly if I do not write, and I shall write badly if I do not live.” ~ Francoise Sagan

@everywheretrip My 10 Favorite Buildings in the World

@Tamavista “A lot of people mistake a short memory for a clear conscience.” ~ Doug Larson

@Quotes4Writers “This writing business. Pencils and whatnot. Overrated, if you ask me.” ~ Winnie the Pooh

@goodthingz Pics ~ Dutch Tulip Fields (overhead shots…beautiful)
[SEO: I love tulips!]

@2morrowknight 100 Online Tools to Teach Yourself Any Instrument For Free
[SEO: Besides various instruments, this collection includes sections for voice, and teaching music to children.]

@Quotes4Writers “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.” (Proverb)

@goodthingz Pop-Up Restaurant Will Sit Atop Famous Buildings and Mountains
[SEO: I don’t know why, but this strikes me as an ideal location for an April Fools’ prank. :)]


Savoring Time blog transfer post

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This week — ahem finally! — Third of a Lifetime transfers to its shiny new self-hosted self at I cannot possibly describe how happy I am to be able to say that. 🙂

The new blog looks amazingly like this one. But the same theme’s self-hosted version forced some changes I’d not anticipated. (I hate when that happens!) One of them is the way in which subscriptions are processed. On this blog, you sign up through WordPress, which has worked fine. On the new blog, the theme developer inexplicably removed that option, (and my blog guy seemed to think this was good), so now subscriptions will all be processed via Feedburner. Feedburner’s been around forever, and probably will continue to thrive because Google bought it awhile back.

All this to say, to my current subscribers, I cannot port you over to the new blog myself. You need to resubscribe using the Feedburner subscription box in the new blog’s sidebar. It’s a double opt-in process; you will receive an email asking you to verify your wish to subscribe. Just click the link in the email, and you’re in.

I appreciate so very much all of your support for this blog over the last almost two years. Nothing is changing except its location, and some added functionality. It’s all good!

Once again, the address to subscribe to the new blog version is See you there! Yippee! 😀

Special Request: If you find value in this blog showcase, please add the Dissociation Blog Showcase link to your blogroll so others can find it. Thanks!

We have amazing writers amongst us who give insight and hope to anyone struggling with dissociation, or to their loved ones. It’s a brain trust, and I treasure it. When I find new blogs, I update the Dissociation Blog Showcase (DBS) on Sunday evenings. Tonight I’ve added the following new blog:

A Multitude of Musings


Please use the DBS link above to access this blog, and check out the entire directory of (approximately) 193 dissociation-related blogs! (There are some broken links that I’m investigating, so that number may fluctuate a bit.)

As always, be careful and safe. Many of these blogs do not provide trigger warnings, nor are they obligated to do so.

Still on the way: I’ve received requests for inclusion of some DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) information and awareness sites, which are not “blogs” per se. I’m still planning to add a new section for these types of sites to the index, so please let me know if you have any favorites. (The two sites currently in the queue are DID World Map and Thanks!

If you, or someone you know, experiences dissociation and blog about it, write to me with the URL at


I review each blog before adding it to the Showcase. Thanks so much for the feedback and well-wishes for this project!

Best Tweets for Trauma and PTSD Survivors is a weekly Friday feature. My selections are entirely subjective, and I know it will never be possible to include every great resource tweeted. But I can try! I’ve personally read all tweeted links, and believe them to be of great value.

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for content found on any other website. Stay safe, and don’t follow links if you believe you might be triggered by them. Also, I will not be re-checking links from older Best Tweets posts, and if the site’s archived URL is different from the one I’ve provided here, you may need to do a search on their site.

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BT032511 Fences

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@LillyAnn “You know the field of knowledge by the fences;
you know the field of understanding by their absence.”


Six Standalone Tweets to Ponder

@Tamavista “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” ~ Anais Nin

@karenkmmonroy “The difference between not knowing ‘what to do’ and pretending confusion because you do know, and don’t like the answer? Your suffering.”

@rcinstitute “WisdomWednesday: how much do you want to participate in the perpetuation of your own suffering?”

@drmikemurdock “When you decide what matters MOST… You will discern what matters LESS.”

@debrareble “To have deeper, more loving intimate relationships, we have to first become more loving and intimate with ourselves.”

@IntegrateMD “Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them.” ~ Tolstoy


Linked Tweets

@makiwi “NHK: biggest slum area in Bangkok, Thailand gathers 900,000 yen donations for Japan in one day.”
[SEO: The American Red Cross will be seeking donations for Japan for a very long time. Please help if you are able.]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

@800273TALK As spring approaches, here are some ways to let nature help boost your mood
[SEO: “Being outdoors at a park, the beach or even just a few feet from our doorsteps can feel both relaxing and invigorating. In fact, research has shown that participating in physical activity in the great outdoors can do a world of good for your psyche.”]

@insanelyserene Do You Beat Yourself Up? 4 Ways to Stand Up to the Inner Bully (via @AlwaysWellWithn)
[SEO: “One of the worst enemies of serenity is beating ourselves up for our mistakes. Even though we’re taught that ‘everyone is human and makes mistakes,’ many of us do not believe it. Instead, we have bought into the illusion of perfection, in which we can only be happy if we meet standards that remain forever just out of reach.”]

@NancyMcCarter The Many Benefits of Art Therapy
[SEO: Beyond the varied benefits of exploring your self in creative expression, “Art therapy can help improve various mental and physical symptoms including, but not limited to, reducing pain, anxiety, and tension. It can be beneficial to those who have mental disorders, severe or light emotional abuse, cancer, post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), people who are bipolar, and a variety of other serious ailments.”]

@DorleeM 9 Ways to Make the Most Out of Therapy ~ do your homework, be open to change and the process ~
[SEO: “Therapy can be tricky. Before even walking in the door for their first appointment, many people already have a variety of preconceived notions. And these beliefs can become blocks in treatment, interfering with the therapeutic process.”]

@SarahEOlson2009 6 Signs It’s Time to Dump Your Therapist
[SEO: “Therapists aren’t always self-aware enough to acknowledge that sometimes they may see a client who isn’t the best fit for them (and bad therapists will never acknowledge such a thing). Hey, they’re human and sometimes they miss their own signs.” Be sure to read the comments for many more signs from those who’ve been there.]

@psychcentral This post’s all about the fears that prevent us from growth, success and fulfilling our dreams
[SEO: (So we’re all on the same page here, ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’, per Wikipedia: “… is a pejorative term used in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand to describe a social phenomenon in which people of genuine merit are resented, attacked, cut down, or criticised because their talents or achievements elevate them above or distinguish them from their peers.” Just watch trending topics on Twitter  — you see this daily in tweets about actors, musicians, or sports stars. In your daily life, it can come from family and friends if they don’t approve of your life choices.)

“…If it’s taken root in your patch, it can make it tricky for you to strive. To grow. To dare to put yourself out there in the world and try your best at what you’re passionate about. For it can be a pretty potent motivator to stay small…safe…(silent, even).” The author walks through questions to gain clarity about the fears that hold you back. “…what is it, exactly, that you might fear if you stuck your head up above the parapet? (It might be worth getting to know that stuff a little better, for, often, we can carry around fairly nebulous worries that can actually draw strength from remaining indistinct… Getting clearer about them sometimes brings them into sharper focus; makes them more known to you. Maybe even more manageable).”]

@rcinstitute ThoughtfulThursday: moving beyond the victim role — taking personal responsibility
[SEO: An important discussion about why people hang onto the victim role, and why some people get something out of “rescuing” them. “There is no compensating in the present for a lack of love or care during childhood. The way to deal with such a past is not to remain a child but to embrace adulthood. When someone finds their power and realizes that they now have a choice about what happens in their life, they free themselves not just from the victim-role of today but from the feelings of helplessness they experienced, years ago.”]


Every Friday I rescue funny, odd, poignant, creative, and gorgeous items from my Tweet stream before they scroll off into oblivion. Today is very linky! Enjoy!

Pretty Much Says It All

@CarePathways “I hope with all of my heart that I have made a difference in the lives of people with AIDS. I want that to be my legacy.” ~ Liz Taylor

@wilw “I wish everyone going to the Charlie Sheen Pay Attention To Me Tour would skip it and donate the ticket price to a battered women’s shelter.”


SuperMoons Everywhere!

@isardasorensen Early evening twilight moon over Central Park NYC

@barbiesnow Supermoon shot from Nikon DSLR zoom lens 210 mm. Bangkok Thailand

@BreakingNews Super Perigee full moon is seen as it rises near the Lincoln Memorial

@ShaunaCausey Very cool: the Supermoon from my neighborhood in West Seattle tonight

@newspyre Cloudy Arizona supermoon picture I just took

@davelawrence Big full moon over Waikiki

@CarePathways IN case u missed it Sasha my Husky howling at the Moon
[SEO: Yes, I’m aware there is no moon in this picture. :)]


The Rest of the Best

@ebertchicago Latest guess: Two billion earth-like planets in our galaxy alone. Bad AT&T reception on every one.

@Coachingmirror “A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.” ~ Donna Roberts

@Quotes4Writers “Without the knowledge that the arts give us, we would have no sense of values.” ~ George R Walker

@petapixel Stunning! Unreal time lapse of the northern lights

@IAmShizzy “Be like a postage stamp and stick to one thing until you get there.”

@Tamavista “Bread for myself is a material question. Bread for my neighbor is a spiritual one.” ~ Nicholas Berdyaev

@heykim 25 Ways to Be Good for the World
[SEO: The benefits accrue back to you ten-fold.]

@LillyAnn “The consciousness that allows us to focus on a problem or crisis is not the same consciousness that will find the opportunity or solution.”


Best Tweets for Trauma and PTSD Survivors is a weekly Friday feature. My selections are entirely subjective, and I know it will never be possible to include every great resource tweeted. But I can try! I’ve personally read all tweeted links, and believe them to be of great value.

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for content found on any other website. Stay safe, and don’t follow links if you believe you might be triggered by them. Also, I will not be re-checking links from older Best Tweets posts, and if the site’s archived URL is different from the one I’ve provided here, you may need to do a search on their site.

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Best Tweets 03/18/11

Photo Credit

@Drift_of_Swans “May all the prayers ~
extend themselves to people ~
in need of great hope.” ~ haiku


Six Standalone Tweets to Ponder

@LillyAnn “I am no longer afraid of becoming lost, because the journey back always reveals something new and that is ultimately good for the soul.”

@SpiritualNurse “Those who are lifting the world upward and onward are those who encourage more than criticize.” ~ Elizabeth Harrison

@AnnCurry “GAMBARU in Japanese means: Never ever, ever give up, even and especially when there is no chance of winning.”

@DrHubaEvaluator “Help others recognize their own courage, intelligence, empathy. Follow the Yellow Brick Road and wear those cool red shoes.”

@drjeffersnboggs “Sometimes the easiest way is the hard way.” ~ John Finn

@soulseedz “You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert


Linked Tweets

Japan in Crisis


@psychcentral Here are Therapy Soup’s First 5 Thoughts On Japan’s Earthquake, Tsunami. What’s yours?
[SEO: This article’s first five thoughts include: Prayer, Awe, Personal Meaning, Admiration, and Gratitude and Giving. My first thought, in addition to all of these, was enormous sadness.]

@SarahEOlson2009 ABC News — Japan Earthquake: before and after pics (hover over before to see after)
[SEO: It’s really hard to take in the enormity of this disaster. These pictures bear witness, and provide a devastating perspective.]

@AlwaysWellWithn Why the Japanese Earthquake is Not a Hollywood Disaster Movie Set
[SEO: “The danger of blanket coverage of such natural disasters is this — we become hardened and we get compassion fatigue. The thing is this — we feel so powerless amidst such suffering. And the more we watch, the more closed off and harder we can become to all this suffering.” If you’re a trauma survivor, take care that the relentless coverage doesn’t overwhelm you. But don’t close yourself off completely from what impacts you from afar. Your humanity — and I believe, your path to healing — is intricately entwined with your ability to feel and express compassion. Both for the people of Japan (and Haiti, and Indonesia, and Christchurch, New Zealand), but also for yourself.]

@VA_OEF_OIF How To Help Japan: Earthquake Relief Options
[SEO: An extensive list of ways in which you can help, put together by Huffington Post.]

The Rest of the Best


@Hopefortrauma I’m hosting March 2011 Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse ~ DID Awareness Month
[SEO: A group of us multiples were unaware that some day in March was “DID Awareness Day”. So we decided to make March into “DID Awareness Month”! 🙂 The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse accepts blog posts on all manner of topics relating to child abuse, and can be posts from your archives if you don’t have time to write something new. (And you don’t need to be DID to join in!) The deadline to enter is March 23rd.]

@BBCWorld US Web suicide nurse found guilty
[SEO: A follow up to a Best Tweets post about six months ago. This man pretended online to be a female nurse who was suicidal. He frequented chat rooms where he sought out people who talked about wanting to commit suicide. He “befriended” them, and convinced them to make a suicide pact with him. He always said, in effect, “You go first.” Now he’s been found guilty of imminently inciting suicide in two cases. (There were more.) He faces up to 30 years in prison. Beware of online predators who get a thrill from your pain.]

@ssanquist Common Therapy Approaches to Help You Heal from Trauma
[SEO: A great resource to see in one place what different types of therapy for trauma healing are, and the features of each, as well as a point that is sometimes missed: “… the purpose of all trauma-focused psychotherapy is to integrate the traumatic event into your life not subtract it from your life.”]

@SarahEOlson2009 Why Do People React Differently To Witnessing Catastrophe?
[SEO: An important article to the understanding of why and how people react/respond differently to the same traumatic event. “While Traumatologists indicate that the characteristics of an event – be it man-made or natural disaster, time-limited or prolonged, life threatening or catastrophic- mediate the impact of a traumatic event on people, they hold that the most crucial factor in determining a person’s response is the meaning of the event for that person.”]

@PTSDGFW “What PTSD Means To Me” Stories from trauma survivors
[SEO: A long page of first-hand accounts of “what PTSD means to me”, written by trauma survivors at various stages of healing. While some of the material may be triggering (keep yourself safe), it’s also instructive to know how others have dealt with their issues, and what may lie ahead. While you’re there on the Gift From Within website, take a look around at their numerous resources for trauma survivors.]

@ssanquist How Can Psychologists Help Immediately After Trauma
[SEO: “‘…one of the rather solid findings we’re coming up with is that people in those first hours, or the first day or two after a very traumatic event experience very high arousal. We know that that’s predictive of subsequent post-traumatic stress disorder, months and years later. … People who get morphine in the hours after an event, which is a suppressant of arousal, that tends to be protective of later PTSD.’” However, “Most of what we ‘know’ about helping people after traumatic events is intuitive, guesswork, hope, speculation, and pieced together from flawed research.'” SEO: The good news is, trauma mitigation and recovery are finally being regarded as keys to unlocking decades of future misery.]

@zebraspolkadots I’ve recognized that my serenity does not depend on how others treat me but in how I allow others behavior to affect me.
[SEO: A thorough discussion of what empowerment means in the context of trauma healing. “Being self empowered means taking the action and asking the questions to move myself from where I am to where I want to be.”]

@aflourishinglif 10 Life-Changing Facts About Attachment (via @AlwaysWellWithn)
[SEO: Very thought-provoking read! “Simply said, when we make our happiness dependent on people, money, success, possessions, or circumstances, we suffer. Attachments are sticky. Our freedom goes out the window, and we react emotionally and maneuver to get what we want and reject what we don’t want. … Just for a moment, imagine being free of attachments. Things come and go, but you are stable and unmoving in the midst of it all. It doesn’t mean you don’t care. In fact, in the lack of clinging, you are free to care deeply. The most intimate state of being is devoid of the separation that attachment brings.”]

@DrKathleenYoung PTSD and Quality of Life: New Research (via @ssanquist)
[SEO: A breakdown of new research regarding PTSD and quality of life issues leads Dr. Young to the following puzzle. “I can understand this finding [of adverse impact to quality of life] regarding avoidance and have written about how dissociation can be adaptive short-term. But I am surprised that re-experiencing symptoms like flashbacks and nightmares were not correlated with reduced quality of life. This is not what I hear reported in my practice. What do you think? Does these research findings fit with your experience?”

She invites your response in the comments. I, too, was surprised at these findings because flashbacks and nightmares have haunted me my entire life, and created endless insomnia. This probably is the number one adverse impact on my quality of life.]

@ucobudo Budo Beat. Zen Garden (YouTube)
[SEO: Lovely and tranquil. “Japanese bamboo flute and garden shots from the Portland Japanese Garden, Portland, OR make for a Zen-like meditative atmosphere in this photo-show. The name of the song is ‘Tamuke’.”]



Japan has been much on my mind this week. I feel helpless (even though I’ve done what I can), and so very sad. But we all need some balance. And with that in mind, I offer you heartwarming, hopeful, inspiring, beautiful, and just plain funny items that crossed my path this week on Twitter. It helps.

@latimes Japan earthquake survivor dons scuba suit to search for wife and mother — and finds them.
[SEO: And both were alive. A good ending amongst so many tragedies. A lesson in “never give up”.]

@LillyAnn ☘ Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘ to all of my Irish friends!

@pourmecoffee Your NCAA photo of the day
[SEO: FYI, this refers to March Madness, the NCAA Men’s College Basketball tournament happening right now. Sorry, Louisville fans!]

@FamousWomen “Wise men are not always silent, but they know when to be.”

@alyssa_milano Grab tissues! Woman squeezes lifetime of love into one week for a dog. (via @805Therapy)
[SEO: The story of Annie, a dog who had been abused, abandoned, and terminally ill, in a shelter, rescued from immediate euthanasia by Ashley Owen Hill. Her point was: if Annie only had a week to live, she would end that week knowing she had been loved, had a home, and that she belonged to someone who cared deeply about her. Having had to make the unbearable decision to have my cats euthanized when terminally ill, this story got to me. It’s why we take in strays. No matter what happened in their past, they will know love in our house.]

@lizstrauss “Can’t believe I’ve actually used an iron tonight. I need to find my meds soon!!”

@MentlHealthHope 30 Majestic Rainbow Photographs to Inspire You with Hope.

@Quotes4Writers “Hell, there are no rules here — we’re trying to accomplish something.” ~ Thomas Edison

@DrCesa Mind-Boggling Water Drop Reflections (13 photos)
[SEO: Photographer describes his techniques and swears these are not photoshopped. Really beautiful.]